About Me

I’m Phil Anderson, owner of Philaminar 3D Printing, LLC.

My first experience with 3D printing was at the High School Computing Institute at the University of Utah back in the early 2000’s. Back then, 3D printers weren’t really within reach of anyone besides universities and big companies, so I didn’t really get into it until a few years ago. While working my day job as an Aerospace Engineer, I had a coworker with a 3D printer. I was impressed with what he was modeling and printing, so I decided to pick up a now-affordable printer and give it another go. I’m still using that same printer (with some upgrades!) to produce all the projects you see on this website.

As a millenial, I am cursed with a compulsion to monetize my hobbies, so this company was born. We engineering-types have a strong affinity for puns, portmanteaus, and acronyms. The chance to blend “Phil A” with “laminar” proved too big a temptation to resist and it is now my company name, Philaminar 3D Printing, LLC. The word “laminar” refers to slices and slicing. That’s a big part of 3D printing- you take a 3D model and break it down into slices, layer by layer, in order to print it.

One aspect of Philaminar that I’ve been especially happy with is the charity aspect. A while ago, I decided that I needed to be giving more to the community. On parts that I design myself, I donate 20% of profits to charity. On parts that I’ve adopted from other developers (under proper license, of course), I donate 10% and give the other 10% to tip the developers themselves.

My other hobbies include audiobooks (I have a really long commute!), baking bread, and spending time with my family.