Update: Liberal Snowflakes for 2019 are now available!

We’ve updated our line of Liberal Snowflakes.

There are new products on our Etsy! Check them out!

The big storm of 2019! What an avalanche!

Enjoy “No Kids In Cages!”, “Impeach”, “Warren has a plan for that”, “OK, Boomer”, “We’ll Always Have the Paris Accord”, “Feel the Bern”, “Green New Deal”, and a reworked “Resist” (in addition to a few classics). Probably the best way to enjoy them is with a “Liberal Avalanche” Bundle. Remember, 20% of the sale price will go to the Be About Bliss charity to help food-insecure elementary school students in the Denver region.

See the individual product pages for more information about each Liberal Snowflake.

Dimensions & Durability

Snowflakes range from 3.5 to 5 inches in diameter. The flake part is 1 mm thick, with the writing protruding another 1 mm. All snowflakes have a 3.5 mm hole on top for mounting. As far as crafty holiday decorations go, these are probably on the hardier end. I mean, I wouldn’t use them as ninja stars or coasters for hot beverages and expect them to hold up for long, but I wouldn’t feel too bad about putting them within the reach of kids on your Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, or other winter foliage.


All snowflakes are made of PLA plastic (biodegradable and derived from renewable resources!) printed on my Creality Ender 3 3D printer. While each snowflake looks very similar to its series comrades, there may be small variations in color and surface structure, an occasional stray filament string, etc. We’ll just say these make them more unique.


Who am I to resist a good word play? I decided to make a derogatory barb a positive holiday 3D printing experience. With permission, I used mathgrrl’s Snowflake Machine and selected snowflakes on their aesthetics and printability. I added some positive left-of-center words and phrases that have seared themselves into my mind over the past (very long, politically antagonizing) few years.

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