Introducing: Bigfloss

Bigfloss has been sighted carrying threads for your projects.

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Bigfloss, otherwise known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, rarely leaves the solitude of the forests in the Pacific Northwest. On the rare instances that he is seen, however, he usually has large amounts of thread on his person for all of his cross stitch and embroidery projects. If approached in a peaceable manner, legend says that he’ll help with your projects, too, securing up to 15 skeins of floss in the circular slots on his person.

Bigfloss in its colorful varieties:

Bigfloss Stack
Denim Blue, Pink Galactic Gray
Red, Purple, Black
Yellow, Green, White


One side is as smooth as Crater Lake on an calm day. The other side reveals the intricate print paths used to give this mythical beast its iconic shape.


4.8 in x 5.25 in x 0.8 in (123 mm x 134 mm x 2 mm). Holes are 13/32 inch (10.6 mm).

Bigfloss Size
Bigfloss thickness

Process and Materials

Bigfloss is 3D printed! It’s formed by heating polylactic acid (PLA), an eco-friendly, biodegradable polyester thermoplastic, and extruding it through a nozzle layer upon layer in repeatable patterns.

Although this process is fairly precise, it’s not perfect–– environment, material, and processing conditions can cause small variations from piece to piece. As such, each one is unique!


This is an item that I develop in-house. 20% of the purchase of this item goes to charity.

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