Introducing: Multi-colored Paisley Thread Holders

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Everybody’s favorite Welsh pear is taking a break from roaming the wild-west on a trusty bandana to hold up to 15 skeins of floss in its circular slots multi-colored face (yee-haw!). You could also use its ribbed sides to wind your floss around, if you so desired.

Mix and match colors to customize your own Persian Pickle! We recommend a translucent center (primary color) with a solid inlay (secondary color). If you do a white primary color, a translucent secondary color would probably work, too. If you have questions, contact us! Here are some of our favorites.

Starlight Vertigo with Silky Pearl Inlay, Golden Blood Diamond (Red) with White Inlay
Aqua with Copper Inlay, Galactic Blue with Black Inlay
Rose Gold Metallic (Pink) with Gold Inlay, Indigo Golden Sparkle (Purple) with Yellow Silk Inlay


One side is as smooth as a stylish, silk neck tie. The other side reveals the intricate print paths used to give this psychedelic print its iconic shape.


4.75 in x 3.6 in x 0.08 in (120 mm x 91 mm x 2 mm). Holes are 13/32 inch (10.6 mm).

Paisley size
Paisley thickness

Process and Materials

These mangos are 3D printed! They’re formed by heating polylactic acid (PLA), an eco-friendly, biodegradable polyester thermoplastic, and extruding it through a nozzle layer upon layer in repeatable patterns. Although this process is fairly precise, it’s not perfect–– environment, material, and processing conditions can cause small variations from piece to piece. As such, each one is unique! Inlays are produced using a filament-switching technique developed in-house at Philaminar 3D Printing.


This is an item that I develop in-house. 20% of the purchase of this item goes to charity.

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